BMET Training Building

Client: Nick Simon Institute

Location: NHTC (National Healthcare Training Center, Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal

Status: Completed 2013

Area: 1,060.00 sq.m.

Services: Architectural and Interior Design

The building is training center for BMET (Bio Medical Equipment Technician) with dormitory. Efficient Use of Space and Cost Consciousness are basic design approach adopted in the project. The narrow site is stretching towards north-south, hence the poor orientation of the building persists. However, climate responsive design has been achieved to some extent by providing small windows at west fa├žade in order to avoid harsh sun entering into building during summer. The size of windows designed considering necessary solar gain during winter and cross ventilation required during summer based upon westerly wind blowing pattern of Kathmandu. The pitched roof has been designed to be light weight in order to achieve better earthquake resistance of the building. Extruded Polystyrene is used for heat insulation in the roof to protect overheating.