Department of Electricity Development Complex (DoED)

Client: Department of Electricity Development Complex (DoED)

Location: Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu

Status: 2018 Completed

Area: : 4,085 Sq. M.

Services: Architectural Design.

The plan of the building is in "Mandala" form and the shape of the building worked out to be stable one in order to achieve better earth quake resistance. Central part of the Mandala is designed as open atrium throughout the building height. The atrium is also used as shaft for ventilation of all office rooms. A double tiered Glass Pyramid Roofing System has been designed to use solar energy for heating and cooling of the building. Small Pyramid at top is designed to create exhaust system to create draught from atrium below during summer. Hot air generated at the Small Pyramid will flow outwards. This action will help to accelerate air draught system from atrium shaft below. The Big Pyramid at roof slab level is designed as solar space for heating office rooms. The hot air generated inside the solar space is circulated into office spaces by blowers.