Gaur Bus Terminal.

Client: Town Development Fund (TDF)

Location: Gaur, Rautahat

Status: Completed 2016

Area: 15,196.61 Sq. M.

Services: Master planning and Architectural Design

Gaur Bus Terminal aims to provide fast, comfortable and affordable means of transportation to and from Gaur and hence promote the Trans-Border Export Import Business with the Southern border of India. Considering the local means of transportation, the terminal incorporates parking for Tangas and Rickshow adjacent to the Arrival Berth. There is provision of storage of horse feed and collecting, cleaning and disposing of horse manure. The roof of the Row shop at the eastern part of the site extends out into Shed of Departure Berth. The walls of Administration Building and Public Toilet Buildings have been designed with Honey Comb Walls promoting air circulation and cross ventilation. Considering access and approach for the disabled, Universal Design Approach has been adopted. The Terminal consists of “Clock Tower” which serves as a housing for water tank, shall be recognized as landmark of the Town.