Gongabu Bus Park Extension Project

Client: Lotse Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Gongabu, Kathmandu

Status: April, 2004 (Phase-I Completed)

Area: 88,000 sq.m.

Services: Master planning, Architectural Design and Construction Supervision.

Second phase of the Terminal was the continuity of Kathmandu Bus Terminal funded by Japanese Government. It was the expansion of bus parking capacity (from 200 to 500) and extension and addition of bus terminal related facilities like terminal buildings, passenger’s waiting hall, ticket counters building, auto care center, petrol pump, commercial complex, multiplex with shopping complex, dormitory, hotels, lodges, row shops, driver’s huts and kiosks.

In the first phase, arrival and departure berth were designed in linear form which resulted in delay of bus departure. Therefore, the Consultant came up with “Saw-tooth“ form of departure berth planning.