International Leasing & Finance Company (ILFCO)

Client: International Leasing & Finance Company Limited

Location: New Baneshwor, Chabahil, Kumaripati, Kalimati, Suryabinayak, Butwal, Narayangarh, Itahari, Ghorahi

Status: Completed

Area: 2,183.32 Sq. M.

Services: Interior design and supervision.

The project comprises interior design and supervision of 8 branches and the head office of ILFCO. This project is example of how satisfied the Client is with us to continue our service.

The creation of functional and efficient working space in limited given space was the main priority of design as well as to accommodate all the requirements of the Clients. Nature of the space governed the design theme such that in some branches, linear form in geometry has to be played whereas in some branches, oval/circular shape teller were demanded. The aesthetic appeal in the design was enhanced by the design of ceiling and flooring such that it goes hand in hand with furniture designed. Though, each branch had its own unique interior design, they were related to one another from its corporate color, Burgundy, used in walls, columns, tiles and furniture.