Lions Maternity Hospital

Lions Maternity Hospital

Location: Narangarh, Chitwan

Status: First Phase Completed in 2015

Area: 5,534.72 sq.m.

Services: Architectural Design

The hospital is designed to provide a complete service specialized for maternity services in one house comprising following facilities: Emergency services, OPD, blood bank/ x-ray/ ultrasound and test labs, pharmacy and cafeteria with segregated kitchens to meet the different hygiene conditions of a hospital are located in ground floor. The first floor is dedicated to different sections of delivery such as labor, delivery, 2nos of operation theaters, recovery rooms etc. This level comprises of administration department with an auditorium. And the second floor has wards with a capacity to house 50 numbers of inpatient.

Vertical fins are designed at west and east elevation in order to block direct sunlight penetration into the building.