Lumbini Garden Project (Buddhist Theme Park)

Client: Lumbini Garden Foundation, Madrid, Spain

Location: Caceres, Extremadura, Spain

Status: Designed Phase Completed (Approval in Process)

Area: 107,700.00 sq. m.

Services: Architectural Design

The project comprises of 107,700.00 sq. m. of built-up area spreading on 107 hectare land. It is envisaged to make the Spanish city of Caceres home to a Buddhist complex that features a 40m tall statue of seated Buddha to be made of white jade. The project will be facilitated with an information center, monastery, meditation center, university, parking. It will also be enhanced with Shwedagon stupa, embassies of various 10 Buddhist countries, an amphitheater, and a recreational area. The statue will be tallest seated Buddha statue in Europe, which intended to stand as a monument to world peace.
The main statue of Buddha is designed to be seated on an octagonal pedestal hall (18 meters high) with display of Buddha's Relics and 2600 Buddha idols. The Eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism will be represented on each side of pedestal. The three-story pedestal will function as a museum having total floor area of 2,870 sq. m.