Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) "Corporate Office Building”

Client: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

Location: Durbarmarg, Kathmandu

Status: 2013 (Final Design Report Submitted)

Area: 40,869 Sq. M.

Services: Architectural design and Master planning.

The project comprises a "Corporate Office Building” and a “Commercial Building” at NEA building complex. The Corporate Office Building is sixteen and half storeys with attic and double basement comprising 16, 703.00 Sq. M. The main façade (west) has been designed to protect the building from overheating during summer and at the meantime allow penetrate sufficient daylight deep into work stations. The design allows maximum solar exposure in office spaces from south side during winter season. Design consideration includes hiding of outdoor AC units at different levels of balconies at front (designed in Velinear Girder System) in order to keep aesthetics of the building intact for long period of time and to minimize distance between outdoor and indoor units of AC system. Provision of ducts at its periphery is for running conduits and pipelines of HVAC, electricity and sanitary systems. These ducts enhance the elevation treatment and also to block light from the west. These ducts can be excellent path to accommodate conduits or pipes in future, which are inevitable in this modern age of rapid development. Sloped roof used for solar panels and photovoltaic cells and puncture made on the slope to reduce the wind load.