Nepal Bank Limited, Kathmandu Banking Office

Client: Nepal Bank Limited

Location: Dharmapath, New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal

Status: Completed 2005

Area: 2,183.00 Sq. M.

Services: Interior design and construction supervision.

Since the bank is part of history of financial development of Nepal, the theme of design is Nepalese neo-traditional architecture so that general people will feel that it is our own bank.

Efficient use of “Open Furniture Layout Plan” gave result of maximum use of space. Hence, about 1,500.00 sq. m. of office space had been saved in compression to previous office layout. Since the building was constructed some 50 years before, the column span is very narrow. Therefore, the Consultant came out with solution of having oval shaped banking hall, so that the closely scattered columns will not give cramped space impression. The Client wanted to install AC in entire office area including banking hall. After studying in details of the building construction, building orientation and adjacent buildings, the Consultant came up with solution that AC is not required, except in closed office rooms and meeting hall. The building has exterior brick wall of 450mm thick, which has got very good heat insulation value in respect to climatological condition of Kathmandu valley. The area of window opening is also designed such that, there is plenty of solar gain during winter and there is proper cross-ventilation for summer season. Building is oriented to south, which is excellent for winter solar exposure. There are tall buildings at west and east side, which blocks unwanted harsh sun light during summer. Considering all these factors, the Consultant had come up with ceiling design with ceiling fan instead of AC. This particular design not only saved huge investment on AC, but also saves a lot in electrical bill.

Maximum use of day light has been achieved by using glass blocks in partition wall and the partition wall are designed with square puncture at upper level in order to achieve good cross-ventilation. All electrical, communication and computer networking cables are arranged in cable tray all over the office area so that it will be easy to change layout of work stations in future.