Residence of Dr. Niraj Govind Shrestha

Client: Dr. Niraj Govinda Shrestha

Location: Thecho, Lalitpur Nepal

Status: Completed 2003

Area: 604.09 Sq. M.

Services: Architectural and Interior Design and Supervision

The client wanted to have maintenance free design as well as lesser time consumption to maintain the building. This factor is considered in exterior as well as in interior design. Hence, the Consultant had come up with unique structural system, which is RCC frame structure in combination of RCC columns at inner area and outer projected brick walls in “T” shape with RCC core infill. This “T” shaped outer walls create multi-level in façade creating simple yet grandiose effect. This unique design not only protects rain, but also prevent dust accumulation on façade.

There is central heating and cooling system in the building. Central boiler (Kerosene) and chiller (Electric) are connected with fan-coil units in rooms with black MS piping system. Solar energy is used for pre-heating water during winter. Solar water heating system raises water temperature up to 60-degree Celsius, thus the boiler has to boost water temperature by 10 degrees, only. Therefore, considerable save in fossil fueled energy consumption in building. Double glazed windows are designed to achieve energy efficiency. Small sized windows are designed at west façade in order to protect from summer solar over-heating the building, whereas wide openings are provided in south façade to achieve maximum solar gain during summer. A huge window is designed at stairwell situated at south-west. It is meant to heat the entrance foyer and stairwell itself during winter daytime. Floor finish of these area is chosen marble considering “Thermal-mass” effect. The heated marble floor keep on emitting heat from evening till night. The Pyramid shaped roof at front houses central heating and cooling system.

In interior design, the client wanted to have massive wood work without carving. Only the stairwell and foyer were laid by Italian marble with inlay border. Rest of the flooring is bamboo parquet, except bathrooms and kitchen. All the detailed designs of the Project were unique starting from molding and border at floor to wall panels, furniture, ceiling and curtain box. In order to keep in tandem to the exterior design, the pyramid pattern is used at various elements: embossed pyramid at door frames, curtain box, display unit, furnitures, molding at ceiling, balustrade of the staircase and inlayed pyramid pattern is used at floor, doors and wall panels.