Academic Buildings
  1. Name of the Project: Hostel Building for Shree Sitaram Madhyamik Bidhyalaya
    Location: Doti
    Year of Execution: 2003
    Project Cost: NRs. 5,200,000.00
    Client: Shree Sitaram Madhyamik Bidhyalaya
  1. Name of the Project: Library Building for Shree Commerce Campus 
    Location: Tandi, Chitwan
    Year of Execution: 1993
    Project Cost: NRs. 1,433,000.00
    Client: Shree Commerce Campus
  1. Name of the Project: Buddhist School Complex
    Location: Boudha, Kathmandu
    Year of Execution: 1993
    Project Cost: NRs. 9,800,000.00
    Client: V V Thrangu
  1. Name of the Project: Classroom Block for Siddhartha Banasthali School
    Location: Balaju, Kathmandu
    Year of Execution: 1995
    Project Cost: NRs. 4,200,000.00
    Client: Siddhartha Banasthali School
  1. Name of the Project:  Complex of Bal Kumari Multiple Campus
    Location: Narayangard, Chitwan
    Year of Execution: 1988
    Project Cost: NRs. 27,125,000.00
    Client: Bal Kumari Multiple Campus

    This Campus Complex for 1800 students of Law and Commerce faculty was designed during the initial phase of firm. The design concept here is to create intimate spaces for interaction between administration, teachers and students. At the final phase of construction of the building, grandeur of social endeavor was realized by the people of Narayangarh. The design also includes an auditorium of 450 capacity, a sports-hall, a cafeteria to cater 200 students at a time, a huge library in two levels, recreational courtyards and an open auditorium  in the same vicinity, flowing from one to another.

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