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  1. Name of the Project: The Bluebird HotelDescription: Re-exposure of Resize of bluebird
    Location: Pardi, Pokhara
    Year of Execution: 1995
    Project Cost: NRs. 208,135,867.00
    Client: The Bluebird Hotel

    Design of the Hotel is based on maximum utilization of the available land and at the same time to give panoramic view of Machhapuchhree to maximum numbers of room. Very minute details of the service line were dealt with during the design. Landscape design utilizes local flora and fauna. The planning of the front garden is carried out in such a way that the traffic circulation at the front is hidden by the greenery yet the view of the Machhapuchhre from the rooms is not obstructed. 

  2. Name of the Project: Triveni ApartmentDescription: Alternative 2
    Location: Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu
    Year of Execution: 2003
    Project Cost: NRs. 32,960,000.00
    Client: Triveni Properties

    This apartment building is designed to accommodate the staffs of Triveni Group. Concept of the design lies in the flexibility in its plan. At each floor, the planning of the apartments are different. There is a provision for accommodating four Three Bedroom Apartment or six Two Bedroom Apartment, or two Three Bedroom Apartment and three Two Bedroom Apartments at each floor. The building is eight storied. 

  3. Name of the Project: Drala Resort Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Description: E:\Website\Drala Resort.jpg
    Location: Pharping
    Year of Execution: 2013
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Drala Resort Pvt Ltd

    The resort is designed as per principles of “GREEN BUILDING DESIGN”. 90% of the building space will be heated by solar energy and cooled by EAT system. Solar energy is also used for water heating. Solar photo-voltaic panel system is designed to produce enough electricity for the whole resort complex. Double glazed window and cavity wall is used to achieve energy efficiency. Rain water harvesting, reuse of grey water and organic farming are its sustainable features .  The main stairwell provides stack ventilation, which is enhanced by 3 numbers of gravity ventilators to exhaust the stale air  out of the building. Overall concept development is to make building energy efficient and use of renewable energy like solar energy and EAT system. Amalgamate of renewable energy features into aesthetics of the building has been taken a great deal.

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