Planning & Housing

  1. Name of the Project: Gongabu Bus Park Extension Project
    Location: Gongabu, Kathmandu
    Year of Execution: Under Construction
    Project Cost: NRs. 450,000,000.00
    Client: Lotse Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd

    The Gongabu Bus Park extension project is a mega project in present context of Nepal. The project area is 88,000 sq. m. the bus park has capacity of parking 500 buses, 100 cars and 250 motorbikes at a time. The main components of the bus park are Terminal Building, Auto-Care Centre, Hotel Lodge, dormitory, Shopping Complex with Multiplex.

  2. Name of the Project: Auto Care Center  at Gongabu Bus Park
    Location: Gongabu, Kathmandu
    Year of Execution: 2001
    Project Cost:
    Client: Lotse Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.

    This auto Care Centre with plinth area of 23,13.00 Sq.m has been designed to service 15 vehicles at a time. The center is properly managed with washing bay, lube bay, proper drainage and water supply facilities. Pit drainage is designed with grease trap so that contaminated waste water will not be discharged in the river.  It is also provided with office areas, degreasing aggregate room, tool room and rest room facilities with provision of shower within the single storey area.

  3. Name of the Project: Naya Bazar Land Pooling Project
    Location: Naya Bazar, Kathmandu
    Year of Execution: 1999
    Project Cost: NRs. 31,328,482.67
    Client: MIIP / KMC/ ADB

  4. Name of the Project: Planning & Housing of Workers Colony for Gorakhkali Rubber Uddhyog
    Location: Khaireni, Gorkha
    Year of Execution: 1988
    Project Cost: NRs. 9,780,000.00
    Client: Gorakhkali Rubber Uddhyog Pvt. Ltd.

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