Residential Buildings

  1. Name of the Project:  Residence Building of Ms. Prema Lama
    Location: Sindhu Marga, Kathmandu    
    Year of Execution: 2011
    Project Cost:
    Client: Ms. Prema Lama

    This residence is rooted in the traditional newari architecture for its exterior and interior design characterized by the brick façade and complementing roof. The building is planned in two blocks intersected by staircase. It incorporates green features.  Solar air heating panels covering south slope of roof heat living spaces in winter while the EAT helps them cool in summer. Sun is also used to heat water and light up the building

  2. Name of the Project: Residence Building of Ms. Sonu Jatia
    Location: Baluwatar, Kathmandu,
    Year of Execution: 2011
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Mrs. Sonu Jatia

    The two and half storey residence follows the Western Classical Architectural theme. It has in cooperated Nepalese Traditional Vaastu Shastra for the planning of rooms and interior space. The sizes of windows are worked out based on the orientation of the room. The large opening  at the north side allow plenty of daylight to the staircase and living room.

  3. Name of the Project: Residence Building of Dr. Niraj Govinda Shrestha
    Location: Thecho. Lalitpur
    Year of Execution: 2003
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Dr. Niraj Govinda Shrestha

    The client wanted to have maintenance free design as well as lesser time consumption to maintain the building. The client also wanted to have massive wood work without carving. It is first residential building in Kathmandu having central heating and cooling. Accordingly, the interior design was carried out considering energy efficiency. Only the stairwell and foyer was laid by Italian marble with inlayed border. Rest of the flooring is bamboo parquet, except bathrooms and kitchen. All the detailed designs of the Project were unique starting from molding and border at floor to wall panels, furniture, ceiling and curtain box. In order to keep in tandem to the exterior design, the pyramid pattern is used at various elements: embossed pyramid at door frames, curtain box, display unit, furnitures, molding at ceiling, balustrade of the staircase and inlayed pyramid pattern is used at floor, doors and wall panels.

  4. Name of the Project: Residence Building of Ms. Sushila Shakya
    Location: Maharajgunj, Kathmnadu
    Year of Execution: 2011
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Ms. Sushila Shakya

    First residence building in Nepal having 40’-0” long ‘Lap-pool’, which starts at living room and extended above garden. Building is designed as per the principles of “GREEN BUILDING DESIGN”. 50% of the building space will be heated by solar energy. Solar spaces are designed to be used as passive solar heating system for bed rooms, living room, dining room and cloth draying room. Solar Air Panels (SAPs) are used for heating office spaces at ground floor. Cooling system of the building is achieved by using cool air generated at duct adjacent to 40 feet long concrete wall of the ‘Lap-pool’. Solar energy is also used for water heating. Solar photo-voltaic panel system is designed to produce 3kW of electricity. There is provision of wind turbine of 1.2 kW. Double glazed window and cavity wall is used to achieve energy efficiency. Underground water charging system is also incorporated in the project.

  5. Name of the Project:  Residence Building of Mr. Pursottam Lal Shanghai
    Location: Kamal Pokhari
    Year of Execution:
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Mr. Pursottam Lal Shanghai

    Giving continuity of the exterior design, the theme for the interior design is 'Neo-Classical'. Light colors have been used to give filling of openness and cleanness of the inner space.

  6. Name of the Project:  Interior design of Residence Building of Mr. Ram Chandra Shanghai
    Location: Dillibazar
    Year of Execution:
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Mr. Ram Chandra Shanghai

    The design work of this residential building is a synthesis of Nepalese Traditonal Vaastu Shastra, Western Classical Architecture and Morden Technology. Aspect of Energy Efficiency of the building was paid due attention during the design phase. Sizes of all windows were worked out based on the size, function and orientation of the room. A huge window at staircase allows abundant solar energy into the building during wintertime. Solar ray penetrates deep into the living room. 

    During wintertime, the concrete masses of the stair with dark colored Italian marble finishing are allows to act as Thermal Mass. Client's family is very satisfied with the microclimate of the building. Due to the perfect arrangement of cross ventilation, they do not have to switch on any of the three Air Conditioners.

  7. Name of the Project:  Residence Building of Mr. Nabina Rajbhandari
    Year of Execution: 2012
    Project Cost: NRs.
    Client: Ms. Nabina Rajbhandari

    This residential building is designed with the concept of traditional Nepali architecture. The form of the building and RCC structure grid is design to achieve better earthquake resistance. Building is oriented to south in order to achieve maximum solar gain during winter. This building accommodates features like solar water heater and solar photo voltaic cells as its major design components.

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