Residence building of Ms. Prema Lama

Client: Ms. Prema Lama

Location: Chapal Karkhana, Kathmandu, Nepal

Status: Completed 2014

Area: 843.68 SQ. M.

Services: Architectural and Interior Design and Construction Supervision

The Project has been designed with holistic green building design features. In renewable energy sector, solar and geo-thermal energy have been used in design. Solar energy is used not only for heating water and generating electricity by Photo-Voltic cells, but also used for heating all 11 rooms of the building by using solar air heating panels. And Earth Air Tunnel (EAT) is used for cooling of the building. In energy efficiency sector, double glazed windows and cavity wall system have been used to attain heat loss from the building. Rainwater harvesting is incorporated in the water supply system of the building.

Achieving proper orientation of the building in relation to the winter solar path is challenging in this Project as the site is elongated north-south. Therefore, the building is splitted into two blocks intersected by staircase in order to achieve more area of southern fa├žade of the building resulting better solar exposure into the building. The slope roof of the building is oriented maximum towards south, where Solar Air Heating Panels, Solar Water Heating Panels and Solar Photo-Voltaic Panels are accommodated.

Architectural theme of the building is Neo-traditional Newari Architecture. Window and door architraves for exterior and interior surfaces are specially designed with minimum carvings so that it will be cheaper and less chance of dust accumulation and at the mean time it will give Newari Architectural outlook.