Residence for Mr. Purushotam Lal Sanghai

Client: Mr. Purushotam Lal Sanghai

Location: : : Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu

Status: Completed 2005

Area: 1,028.27 Sq. M.

Services: Architectural Design and Supervision

The Design work of this residential building is a synthesis of “Nepalese Traditional Vaastu Saastra”, “Western Classical Architecture” and “Modern technology”.

Architectural design of the building is characterized by colonnade at front (north façade) with hanging balcony at car porch. Aspect of “Energy Efficiency” of the building was paid due attention during the design phase. Sizes of all windows were worked out based on the size, function & orientation of the room. A huge window at staircase allows abundant solar energy into the building during wintertime. The solar ray penetrates deep into the entrance foyer. During wintertime, the concrete masses at the stair with Italian marble finishing are meant to act as good “Thermal-mass”.