Meeting room of Sipradi

Client: Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Thapathali, Kathmandu

Status: Completed 2011

Area: : 46.06 Sq. M.

Services: Interior design and supervision.

Design output is amalgamation of three components: good acoustic design, state of art audio visual technology and use of natural materials. Vertical wooden fins at wall with backing of perforated gypsum board with rock wool is designed to achieve better acoustics of the meeting room. Similarly, acoustic ceiling tiles has been used in ceiling design with wooden framing. Efficient lighting design incorporates automatic light switch with 3 scene selection system, remote controlled projector platform to be concealed into false ceiling, remote controlled projector screen and magnetic white board. The projector screen and white board can be covered by sliding door while not in use. The aesthetic part of design focuses on meeting table with inlay work in wooden veneers in Tibetan “Zi” pattern with circles and straight lines in zigzagged pattern. It is believed that the “Zi” pattern can bring good fortune and protect from harmful influences. The meeting table is equipped with power point and networking point for laptops in twin sharing basis.