Tayo Eco Resort Pvt. Ltd.

Client: Tayo Eco Resort Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur

Status: Under construction

Area: 3,100.00 sq.m.

Services: Architectural and interior design and construction supervision

Tayo eco resort is a resort accommodating environment friendly lodging practicing energy efficient design methodologies to as much extent .The project embraces tradition and technology by fusing the two together. The overall atmosphere and the building designs pays homage to the traditional Newari architecture of Kathmandu Valley while making the most of modern amenities and sustainable technologies. It is tried not to disturb green luster of Nagarkot mountain peisas. Interior design theme is also based upon Newari neo-traditional design. The resort is also first of its kind in Nepal to be completely wheelchair accessible. The project strategically makes the most of the different views for guests to enjoy. Nagarkot is better known for its sunrise views, however this site allows for a unique experience with its perfect location giving great viewings of the Himalayas, glorious sunsets as well as a complete view of Kathmandu Valley from Sakhu to Thankot.

Energy efficient features includes cavity wall, VRF type AC system and lighting system controlled by sensors. Solar energy used for heating of the conference hall and suite rooms. Solar electricity generation and solar water heating system are also used in the project. The site also has a rain water harvesting system, treatment plant for soil waste and waste water to produce organic fertilizer and grey water. The conference hall has been designed with state of art audio-video system, light control system and acoustics of wall and ceiling. Landscape design incorporates herbal garden and organic vegetable farming area.