Hospital Building Expansion Project of Tilganga Eye Centre

Client: Tilganga Eye Centre

Location: Gaushala, Bagmati Bridge, Kathmandu

Status: Completed 2006

Area: 8884.48 sq. M.

Services: Architectural and Interior Design and Construction Supervision

The hospital has been designed to provide mass service to eye related disease with capacity of catering 500 cataract eye surgeries per week and OPD service to 300 patients per day.

It is tried to create harmony in existing buildings and proposed new building. The main design features of this Project are Earthquake resistant design, hygienic design, energy efficient design and use of solar energy.

The Earthquake resistancy of the building is improved by working out stable form of the building itself. The building may seem to be irregular in shape, but it is amalgamation of two identical blocks with an expansion joint at middle. Structurally they are twins. Hygienic design component is strictly followed starting from entrance lobby to Operation Theatre.

Orientation of the building is towards south and windows are designed to achieve maximum solar gain during winter. Brick-facing cavity wall has been adopted in the design to achieve energy efficiency and to be harmony with existing building ensemble. Solar energy is used for heating water and drying hospital linens in mass scale. The solar drier hall is designed at attic of pitched roof at south west of the building.

A great deal of attention has been paid on aspects like durability, less maintenance requirement and ease on maintaining.