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Ujjwal Man Shakya

1. General:

1.1  Name                                                                : Ujjwal Man Shakya

1.2 Proposed Position                                              : Team Leader/Project Architect

1.3 Date of Birth                                                       : 8th June 1960

1.4 Nationality                                                         : Nepali

1.5 Specialty                                                            : Green Building Design

1.6 Official position in the firm and title                : Managing Director/Senior Architect

2. Qualifications:

Key Qualification:

Name of institution                                         : Byelorussian Polytechnical Academy, Minsk, Byelorussia.

Degree obtained                                             : Masters of Science in Architecture

Date of obtainment                                         : July 1985

3. Employment Record:

From:  May 1987 To: Till date
Employer: Innovative CREATEERS Pvt. Ltd.
Position held: Managing Director/Architect

From:  August 1985 To: April 1987
Freelance Architect

4. Role Assignment in the Project

5. Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to design energy efficient building projects :

4.1 In capacity of Project Architect to be responsible from conceptualization to detailed Architectural design to achieve energy efficiency in the Project.

4.2 Responsible to retrieve on site renewable energy and design as per heating and cooling requirement as per local climate.

4.3  To achieve highest degree of LEED accreditation from US GBC.

5.1 Project: Green Office Building Complex of Butwal Power Company Limited (BPC) at Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu.

5.2 Project: Office Building for Department of Electricity Development (DoED) at Sanogauchar, Kathmandu.

5.3 Project: Hospital Building Expansion Project of Tilganga Eye Centre (Financed by USAID).

5.4 Project: Office Building for Central Regional Educational Directorate (RED) at Hetauda.

5.5 Project: Residence for Mr. Neeraj Govinda (Pyramid House) at Thecho, Kathmandu.

5.6 Project: Residence for Ms. Sushila Shakya at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.

5.7 Project: Residence for Ms. Prema Lama  at Sindhu Marga, Kathmandu.


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