USAID Nepal Reconstruction Engineering Services (NRES) Task Order II: Schools Project.

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Location: Makawanpur

Status: Ongoing 2018

Area: : 26,381.00 Sq. M.

Services: : Architectural and interior design and construction supervision

The Project includes detail design and supervision of reconstruction of 6 schools of Makawanpur district. This includes 3 Secondary Schools and 3 Basic Schools. Shree Mahendra Kiran Secondary School at Basamadi, Hetauda is designed considering limited land available. Central courtyard has been designed to be multifunctional. It will be used as playground/morning assembly area/stage performance.

Shree Bhrikuti Secondary School at Uttarpani, Hetauda is designed with central atrium, which can be used for stage performance. The central atrium is also designed to act as central shaft with provision of air circulation for cooling of all classrooms. At west fa├žade, vertical fins have been designed to block harsh sunlight entering into classroom during summer and allow warm sunlight exposure inside classroom during winter. The site is located at terrain land. It is tried to minimize cost for retaining wall required for land development. The sitting area of the basketball court is designed such that it will also act as retaining wall.

Shree Janata Secondary School at Makawanpurgadhi, Sukaura is also designed with optimum utilization of available limited land. Shape of the building is guided by the land configuration. The odd spaces developed has been utilized for egress minimizing inefficient spaces. The central of the roof area is slightly lifted in order to cut cost for expansion joint and avoiding water leakage problem. A multipurpose stage has been designed to perform morning assembly as well as stage performance for yearly programme.