VIP Lounge at Ai-la Lounge and Restaurant

Client: Aila Coffee D Horizon

Location: Kumaripati, Lalitpur

Status: Completed 2017

Area: 28.90 Sq. M.

Services: Design and Build

It has been designed to cater private party or business meeting for small group of people at Ai-la Restaurant and lounge. This area of the restaurant stands out with the unique atmosphere created in a small enclosed space. Large set of windows carefully acts as a transition space between the terrace garden and the lounge area. The decoration uses gold, brown and blue colors to create an appealing elegant ambience. The lounge door opens to a beautiful acrylic painting in a rich golden recessed niche, a captivating part of the lounge ambience. A combination of light, textured material and mirror has been used in the central wall complementing the ambience of the VIP lounge. Cozy sets of blue sofas are arranged with spacious table in between for a relaxed dinning. Large single seaters are arranged in a corner viewing luscious green terrace garden outside.