Apartment of Mr. Vishal Tatar

Client: Mr. Vishal Tatar

Location: Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

Status: Completed 2004

Area: 83.61 Sq. M.

Services: Interior design and construction supervision.

Design Theme of the Project modern design. The Client also wanted to lay out design of the apartment as per “Vaastu Saastra”. As per “Vaastu Saastra” the layout of the bed should be in south-north direction with the pillow positioned at south. But at south, there was a huge window. It is not good to have huge window next to head position while sleeping as it effects adversely on health during winter. Therefore the Consultant came out with solution providing solar space adjacent to wall where there was a huge window. The solar space is specially designed to heat the bed room during winter and cool down during summer. Even though the room has air-conditioner fitted, the Client seldom had to use it. All the furnitures were designed in simple geometric pattern playing with two color veneer inlay so that it will be easy to clean. Gap between RCC slab and gypsum board false ceiling is packed with glass wool to achieve heat insulation. Cornice molding at ceiling was specially designed for the Project.